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Wilife USB Receiver for Indoor Outdoor Spy Cameras CRM-110

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  • The USB Receiver is needed to run a single camera system (up to 6 cameras)
  • Connects to your PC via USB Cable
  • Meant as a replacement if you've lost yours or you can use your add-on cameras as a Wilife Master System
  • You may need to run firmware update depending on PC operating system.


NOTE : The Wilife Cameras had issues with their power supplies (both indoor camera power supply and the outdoor camera) and resistors going bad. If you have an issue getting your system to connect the issue is the camera power supply ... NOT the USB Receiver! Having tested and sold literally hundreds and hundreds of cameras, I have NEVER come across a bad USB Receiver. These are NEW ... so if you cannot get your system to connect / stay connected, the issue is your power supply. Please verify the issue BEFORE purchasing. Model # : CRM-110 Package Includes: · Wilife USB Receiver