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Premium Delicious 100% Natural Venison Sweet Pepper 2 OZ. Wild West Jerky

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  • REAL VENISON JERKY: Wild West Jerky brings you the real deal in venison jerky. Made from choice meats, our product stands out from most market products. Try the most tasty jerky from real deer, instead of tuff utility bulls and cows. You will not buy another jerky ever again.
  • SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING PROCESS: We aim to bring you the most quality product on your plate by carefully tested processing techniques. Our jerky is hand-stripped in a medium thickness that appeals to everyone. All flavors come from dry rubbing our meat, ensuring rich and enduring tastes and aromas.
  • GREAT FLAVOR VARIETY: Choose from the great variety of delicious jerkies that Wild West Jerky offers. Try the sweet pepper venison jerky or one of the mesquite, Cajun style, pepper, and teriyaki flavors. There's of course, the natural flavor venison jerky and we especially recommend our biggest seller, the Jalapeño venison jerky.
  • HICKORY SMOKED: Our meats are all woodsmoked with 100% hickory wood which brings out their natural sweetness as needed. We are extra careful in leaving a bit moisture at the end of our cooks to prevent unpleasant dryness and textures.
  • USA PRODUCED: We are proud to support the local market and economy. All our products are verifiably produced in the USA, straight from the Utah-based Wild West Jerky provider. Perfect snack for activities like Football Soccer Baseball Tennis Basketball Golf Runners Walking Hiking Cycling etc…

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    Premium Venison Jerky By Wild West Jerky

    Find your favorite jerky flavor in the great variety of Wild West Jerky. Real venison meat, expertly handled, stripped and smoked for your enjoyment.

    Our venison jerky comes in a size packages of  2 ounces.

    Delicious Flavors to Choose From

    Wild West Jerky offer you venison jerky in different flavors.

    With these choices, you will never get bored of your favorite venison jerky.

    Quality Meat and Manufacture

    If you are tired of bland market products that all taste the same, you must try what the Wild West Jerky offers. Our jerky comes from real deer, not tuff utility cows, and we dedicate in delivering a product of exceptional quality. To that end, our jerky is hand-stripped to average thickness, effectively flavored with dry-rub recipes and wood smoked with 100% hickory wood.

    Taste the venison jerky of Wild West Jerky and you won’t buy another brand ever again.

    Locally Produced

    Certified by all relevant authorities and using only verifiable locally-raised meats, Wild West Jerky is proud to contribute to USA economy from its Utah-based provider headquarters. Support a local product instead of doubtful imported meats.

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