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Climax Premium Natural Style 1 OZ. Smoked Original Alligator Jerky – 100% Made From Solid Strips of Gator - No Preservatives - High Protein - Low Carbs

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  • REAL ALLIGATOR JERKY: Climax Jerky brings you the real deal in alligator jerky. Made 100% from solid strips of alligator, our product stands out from most market products. Try the tastiest jerky from a real alligator. You will not buy another jerky ever again.
  • SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING PROCESS: We aim to bring you the most quality product on your plate by carefully tested processing techniques.
  • GREAT FLAVOR VARIETY: Choose from the great variety of delicious jerkies that Climax offers. Try the Smoked Teriyaki, Honey Glazed Steak, Red Hot, Garlic Pepper, and Habanero.
  • HICKORY SMOKED: Our meats are all smoked with 100% hickory wood which brings out their natural sweetness as needed. A step away from the traditional alligator jerky seasoning it will leave your mouth watering for more!
  • ALL NATURAL COLORADO USA MADE JERKY: Jerky is a tasty high protein, low-carb snack that will help you reach your peak! Our all-natural jerky will satisfy your snack craving immediately. We have a wide variety of jerky flavors for all tastes, beef, buffalo, elk, and specialty jerky. Let Climax Jerky show you a new side to jerky. Perfect snack for activities like Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Runners, Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Traveling, etc.

Alligator Jerky By Climax Jerky
The meat is straight from alligator country in Florida and Louisiana.  The alligator meat is hand-cut and then cured and traditionally smoked with hickory.  The flavor is mild white meat with a hint of Cajun pepper. We are currently stocking a 1oz size.  The jerky is smoked right here in Colorado and is super fresh.  It is all-natural and has no msg.

 alligator, water, salt, brown sugar, spices, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate) flavorings.

Find your favorite jerky flavor in the great variety of Climax Jerky. Real alligator meat, expertly handled, stripped, and smoked for your enjoyment.

Our alligator jerky comes in a size packages of  1 ounce

Delicious Flavors to Choose From

Climax Jerky offers you jerky in different flavors.

Quality Meat and Manufacture

If you are tired of bland market products that all taste the same, you must try what the Climax Jerky offers. Our jerky comes from real alligators, and we dedicate to delivering a product of exceptional quality. 

About Climax Jerky

 It is our goal to carry only the freshest and finest beef, elk, buffalo, pork, alligator, duck, wild boar, salmon, venison specialty jerky. 

We believe that our gourmet Colorado jerky is distinct. Our jerky is made from whole muscle, never chopped or formed. It is smoked to perfection to create a jerky that is always juicy and tender. The majority of our jerky is all-natural. It contains no MSG and no nitrates – nothing but the best ingredients go into our Colorado-made jerky!

Perfect snack for activities like Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Runners, Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Traveling, etc.

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