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Bluetooth Headphones – Microphone Headset for Office – Headphones with Mic for PC – Headset with Charging Dock – Call Center Earphones for Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet – Clear Sound

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  • 🌳YOUR SOLUTION: Being in calls for hours on end can negatively impact your health and your productivity. Make your job easier with our premium set of headphones with charging dock, a performance headset that allows you to talk handsfree from anywhere in the office! 
  • 🌳CLEAR SOUND: The AvimaBasics call center headphones use directional and acoustic noise-canceling technology that ensures crystal clear sounds for both the headphones and the mic. The high-frequency band with stereo ensures an HD sound for every call.
  • 🌳COMFORTABLE USE: Unlike other office headphones, our microphone headset has comfortable ear cushions and an adjustable design that ensures comfortable all-day wear. The lightweight design does not add pressure to the head or ears, ensuring a better experience.
  • 🌳GREAT CONNECTIVITY: The charging dock headset uses a strong Bluetooth connection that ensures up to 30 m of transmission distance. You can pair the call center headphones with your PC, tablet, or smartphone. No more than 2 charging hours ensure up to 20 h of continuous use and 200 h in standby.
  • 🌳INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The UH CD pattern laser engraving on the mobile phone headset makes it look cool and stylish. The charging dock is compact, while the actual headset has side buttons for volume, answer, hang-up and play.


Spending many hours in conference calls or with clients can lead to neck and shoulder pain as well as arm spasms. One easy and efficient solution is to take your meeting calls using a special headset that avoids uncomfortable positions. That is why our team has designed the AvimaBasics Bluetooth headphones, specially made for office use.

🌳Why is this product for you?

The premium Bluetooth headset can make your job a lot easier. The noise-canceling technology and stereo ensure HD sound, so you can make sure that your business calls are flawless every time. The headset is comfortable due to the special cushioned ears and adjustable design. It has side buttons that allow you to answer/ hang up or switch the volume without you being next to the charging dock. The headset has a long-lasting battery and comes with a charging dock that allows you to power them every time you are not on a call. The design is compact and stylish.

🌳Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The AvimaBasics headset is a must-have accessory for office use
  • HD quality sound with stereo
  • Charging dock included
  • Battery life: up to 20 h of continuous use and 200 h in standby
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Cushioned ears and adjustable headset
  • Dual device connection
  • Transmission distance: up to 30 m
  • Directional and acoustic noise-canceling technology
  • Multiple buttons on the sides
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Can be paired with your PC, smartphone, and tablet
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Microphone incorporated
  • Ideal for call centers

Make your job easier with the AvimaBasics headphone set!