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AvimaBasics Amplifier Coil Cord to QD Modular Plug | Stretchable, Durable, Quick Connect & Disconnect Grips & Ergonomic Cable | for H-Series Headsets, Cisco 7900 Series Phones - 26716-01

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  • HASSLE FREE CONNECTION & DISCONNECTION: Forget about the plugging and unplugging nightmare and get yourself the finest amplifier coil cord. Its quick disconnect plug design ensures hassle free connection and disconnection, no matter what.
  • ERGONOMIC CONTOUR GRIPS: Designed to guarantee a snug and reliable fit, our amplifier coil cord to QD modular plug has ergonomic contour grips that are made to last. Plug it into your existing headset in a heartbeat without having to buy a new one!
  • WITHSTANDS HEAVY DUTY USE: Made of high quality materials and fine craftsmanship, you may rest assured that our amplifier coil cord is ready for some heavy duty use. With stands bends, pulling, endless inserts, and everyday tear and wear!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH CISCO PHONES: Find your peace of mind again with our clever amplifier coil cord. Connects to any H-Series headset. Compatible with Plantronics amplifiers, M10, MX10, M12, M22 and AP15 amps and Cisco phone system 7900 series phone
  • STRETCHABLE AMPLIFIER CORD: Thanks to its stretchy, lightweight and spiral nature, this amplifier coil cord stretches up to 10 feet. Walk away from your phone while still wearing your headset! Awesome, right? Ideal for office work, call centers and home.

Immediate Connection & Reliable Performances With AvimaBasics Amplifier Coil Cords By Your Side!

Forget about the plugging frustration.

Forget about poorly made cordsthat fall apart after a while.

Forget about amplifier cables that aren’t compatible enough.

Invest in an AvimaBasics amplifiercoilcord to QD modular plug today and enjoy for the many years to come!

Connects To Almost Practically Any Headset!

Being extremely versatile and easy to use this amplifier coil cord is compatible with Cisco phones system out there.

This coil cable works well with the following Cisco IP phones: ✅ Cisco IP 6921, ✅ 6941, ✅ 6945, ✅ 6961, ✅ 7931G, ✅ 7940, ✅7940G, ✅7941, ✅7941G, ✅ 7942G, ✅7945, ✅ 7945G, ✅ 7960, ✅ 7960G, ✅ 7961, ✅7961G, ✅ 7965G, ✅7970, ✅7970G, ✅7971G, ✅7975G, ✅8941, ✅ 8945, ✅8961, ✅9951, ✅9971

Our coiled cord connects to any H-Series headset and Plantronics amplifiers, M10, MX10, M12, M22 and AP15 amps.

Ideal for office use, workplace, call centers, police stations, hotel receptions,and any other place where telephones and headsets are used.

5 + 1 Features That Make This Amplifier Coil Cord Different From All The Others:

✅ Quick plugging and unplugging.

✅ Ergonomically contoured grips.

✅ Compatible with Cisco Phone System.

✅ Stretchable up to 10 feet.

✅ Durable, resilient and compact.

✅ Direct connection in secs!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, before we run out of stock again.

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