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#1 BEST Spiky Massage Balls Reflexology Foot Body Arm Pain Stress Relief Trigger Point Sport Hand Exercise Muscle Relief shoulder Plantar Fasciitis Back Pain Deep Tissue Massage Physical Therapy

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  • MASTER YOUR TRIGGER POINTS AT HOME: If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness, or painful trigger points, these spike balls will become your best friends. Not only will they help you deal with the problematic points of your body but they will also ease the pain instantly!
  • MELT THE PAIN AWAY: Spike balls have a countless number of uses, while they are perfect and safe for everyone. If you are suffering from pain in the back, the shoulders or in the foot these balls will be a great help to release the discomfort. It can also been used to ease the sore muscles after sports, yoga, gym or hard work!
  • EASY TO USE- EFFECTIVE RESULTS: To release your body from muscular pain just press the ball with your body parts against the floor or the wall. The pressure and the movement encourages the balls to penetrate deep into muscles to release knots, increase blood flow, stimulate nerves and reinvigorate your entire body.
  • SOOTHING SELF-MASSAGE FROM HEAD TO TOE: Why spending money like water to spa treatments when you can enjoy the same benefits at the comfort of your home? Spike Balls is the best affordable alternative you can have. Thanks to their portable design you can use them anywhere, anytime to help your tight muscles relax on the spot!
  • HIGH QUALITY- GREAT BONUSES: The package includes 1 silver ball (9cm) & 1 red ball (7.5cm). Both balls feature the idea firmness and they are made to last; make sure that they will retain their shape for years! What’s more? The balls come in a breathable storage bag so that you can have them always at your arm’s reach. Finally, AvimaBasics provides you with a detailed starting guide for the best results easy and effectively!