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AvimaBasics Premium Rechargeable Batter Compatible with Sennheiser Headsets BA151, BA150, BA152, RS-45, is 150, Fast Charging, Compact Design, Long Lasting Life (60mAh, 2.4V, NI-MH

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  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY: Do not compromise with replacement headphone batteries that simply are not compatible with your headset. Feel safe and sound with the AvimaBasics batteries by your side.
  • AvimaBasics Premium Quality Replacement Battery Compatible with Sennheiser Headsets (60mAh, 2.4V, NI-MH) - A200, BA150, BA151, BA152, HDI302, HDI 302, IS150, IS300, IS380, IS 150, IS 300, IS 380, R150, RA-85, RI150, RI250, RI250-J, RI250J, RI250S, RS4, RS6, RS8, RS40, RS45, RS60, RS65, RS80, RS85, RS-4, RS-6, RS-8, RS-30, RS-40, RS-45, RS-60, RS-65, RS-80, RS-85, RS-400, RS-2400, SET250, SET250J, SET810, SET810S, SET820, SET820S, Set 500, SET- 20, SET- 250, SET- 250J, SET- 810, SET- 810S
  • HASSLE FREE CHARGING: Keep your battery juiced up in less than 1.5hours. Charge this replacement battery effortlessly and enjoy your favorite music. How awesome, is that? This battery fits on your headphones and charger easily without having to try too much.
  • THE ONLY BACKUP BATTERY YOU WILL NEED: Ditch your old and poorly working replacement battery and invest in this beauty. Made of high quality materials and advanced technology, this rechargeable 60mAh, 2.4V, NI-MH battery for headphones will never let you down.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: Satisfying our customers with high quality products is our top priority. That is why this replacement battery is backed by our 100% money back guarantee policy! In the unlikely event of ever having any issues with it. Get yours with confidence today.
The Most Reliable & Affordable Replacement Battery For Your Headphones Is Finally Here!
      Why spend

      a small fortune on expensive replacement batteries?

      your time searching for the greatest rechargeable battery?

      your energy trying to make the battery and charger work?

      Entering AvimaBasics replacement headphone batteries!

So, before you go out there searching for a brand new headset, make sure you have a look at our wonderful replacement battery collection. Save your precious time and hard earned money today!

Power Your Headphones All Day Long!

Whether you love listening to music on the go, enjoy your favorite radio show while jogging, your headphones should never run out of battery! Introducing the ultimate replacement battery kit.

Achieve a full charge in less than 2 hours and enjoy your favorite tunes! Pure perfection, right?

Made of high quality parts and the latest NI-MH technology, this rechargeable headset battery is guaranteed to meet and even exceed the original equipment manufacturer expectations at an even lower price. Get maximum bang for your buck just like that.

Forget about
      insanely expensive high brand batteries.

      replacement batteries not working properly.

      trouble recharging your headset battery.

      batteries not fitting well into the charger.

Order Your AvimaBasics NI-MH Headphones Replacement Battery & Forget All Of The Above!
      What are you waiting for?

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